17 Best Chain Rings: The Modern Ring Guide

Diamond chain ring

Chain rings are delicate and minimal, but very unique. This is a modern take on a simple ring style. They are very popular right now.

Chain rings are a must-have piece for any modern jewelry collection. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of edge to your look with chunky, statement pieces or you prefer more delicate styles, chain rings have it all. From minimalist gold and silver designs to more eclectic designs, there’s a chain ring to match any aesthetic.

What is a Chain Ring?

A chain ring is a ring that are made of a loose flexible chain material. They have a similar feel to a necklace chain. The links bend and move and conform to the finger. Unlike regular rings, which are firm, chain rings have a softer bendable feel. The thinner they are, the more they can move. A thicker chain ring will have links that move less.


Chain rings can be crafted from various metals such as 14k yellow gold, silver, or gold-filled materials. If you are wearing a chain ring every day, you will want to purchase gold-filled, sterling silver, or solid gold chain rings. They are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate all hands. They can often be sized as well.

How To Wear a Chain Ring

Wearing a chain ring is super easy. They are great for any finger. You can stack them with other rings or you can wear them as a midi ring, which is placed higher on the finger. Both gold and silver styles are very popular and you can mix and match styles and textures.

14K Gold and Diamond Chain Ring

Diamond chain ring

This chain ring is so pretty and sweet! I love the small diamond accent. This chain ring is from Brooke Michele Designs. This chain ring features 1pt bezel set genuine white solitaire diamond. Available in solid gold and white gold.

Adjustable Emerald Baguette Chain Ring

Emerald Chain Ring

This is a great option if you are looking for some flexibility in size. It is adjustable so that you can wear it on different fingers. The emerald is lab created and the metal is 14K yellow gold.

Stone Chain Ring

Moonstone chain ring

This is a great hybrid chain ring. It has the best of both worlds. It’s dainty, it’s delicate and it’s oh-so pretty! This new sterling silver Moonstone Chain Ring features a thin band plus a chic cable chain and a tiny gemstone known for giving you a “go with the flow” attitude. A must add to shopping cart kind of ring.

Catbird Lovers chain ring

Catbird NYC makes great simple jewelry. This chain ring is made with 100% recycled solid 14k gold. It has a bit of shimmer with a classic chain design.

Mejuri Bold Chain Ring

Mejuri chain ring

A bold looking chain ring by Mejuri. This is a larger chain ring style, creating a stronger look. The width of the chain is 5.25mm and a diamond cut curb chain. This ring is 14K solid gold and a great price for solid gold. Thing chain ring will help take your style to the next level.

Solid Gold Chain Ring

Solid gold chain ring

Love this simple and pretty solid gold chain ring from Local Eclectic. It’s a great everyday piece. Made of 9k solid yellow gold, this sweet ring mixes an edgy vibe with a classic silhouette.

Sterling Silver Chain Ring

Silver chain ring

This is the ultimate basic sterling silver chain ring. It is sturdy so it should hold up well. Sterling silver can be cleaned with a cloth or polish. This is a must add to cart ring.

Paper Clip Chain Ring

Paper clip chain ring

Paper clip jewelry is really popular right now. This is a great ring to mix with other pieces that you have. Paper clip jewelry has a distinctive oval links. This one is made of 14K yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.


A party so contained, it can be had on just one finger, illuminated by the glow of teensy tiny gold disco balls. This chain ring is 14K solid gold.

Oxidized Vera Meat Sterling Silver Chain Ring

Oxidized chain ring

If you want to add a bit of edginess, while still having a delicate look, this is the chain ring for you. Layer these chain rings with each other or rock by themselves. So elegant, yet so badass!

Tube chain ring

This is a twist on a chain ring. The tube design gives it a slightly unique take on a chain ring. Large choice of sizes are available, US ring sizes from 3 until size 12. Available in 14k gold filled, sterling silver or rose gold filled.

Sterling Silver Chain Ring with Flexible Links

Unisex chain ring

A perfect unisex ring for men or women. Cool men’s rings are hard to find and this one fits the bill. Made of a solid sterling silver chain, flexible and easy to wear. This curb chain style never goes out of style. Available in size 5 to 13. We have a great guide to sterling silver if you want to read about caring for sterling!

Hand Chain Ring

Hand chain ring

This hand chain style has been popular for a few years. It’s a fun style to wear for a special occasion. You are sure to get some compliments since it’s not something that you see everyday. This style is affordable and available in gold plated or silver plated. The bracelet is included with this chain ring.


Barely there ring in 14k Gold. Modern and timeless Super Dainty Link Chain Ring.

Boho Chain Ring

Beaded Chain Ring

This is a really fun chain ring that has an boho style. It’s a bit ornate and love all the beading. This chain ring would be great mixed with other jewelry.

Enamel Chain Ring

Can’t help, but love this one! Here is a super unique enamel chain ring that will set you apart. This chain ring features a bright yellow color enamel bar with a rose gold chain ring color.

Bling Chain Ring

Crystal chain ring

This is a really fun chain ring with lots of bling. This is a thicker style chain ring if you need something sturdy. This chain ring is a gold color and features faux crystals.


With its subtle elegance and timeless beauty, this contemporary piece of jewelry can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Whether a chain ring is for a special occasion like an anniversary or simply to enhance your everyday style, adding a dainty gold chain ring to your collection is sure to add a touch of glamour to any look.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or something trendy and eye-catching, there’s sure to be a chain ring perfect for you! Owning a chain ring will provide you will a way to express your style.

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