29 Best Bridal Tiaras

Are you dreaming of the perfect bridal look? Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, romantic or sparkly, you can find perfect bridal tiaras to complete your look. Accessories tie everything together and a tiara provides the finishing touch.

Will you go for something traditional or something more modern? Do you want something dramatic or delicate? Some popular choices include classic designs featuring crystals, pearls and rhinestones; more modern wedding tiaras with floral designs or rose gold; and headpieces made with feathers and lace. So many choices and beautiful options!

Whatever style you’re looking for, you can find it! Here is some inspiration for bridal tiaras.

How To Wear A Tiara On Your Wedding Day

Match Your Tiara To Your Dress

You’ve decided that you want to wear a tiara, but first let’s think about your dress. Your dress should factor into your decision when shopping for a wedding tiara. If your dress has an elaborate pattern or lace, consider opting for a simpler tiara so as not to clash with your gown. Alternatively, if you’re wearing a plainer styler then you might want to choose a more ornate tiara that will stand out.

Don’t forget about color too—your tiara should match the dress and the metal of your jewelry and other accessories.

Think About Your Hair

The hairstyle you plan on wearing is also important when selecting your perfect tiara. For example, if you will be wearing an updo, you may want something to compliment the style. Your hair texture may also influence your decision.

Brass Floral Bridal Tiara

Gold flower wedding tiara

Gold is very popular right now and the floral design is simply stunning.

Quartz Crystal Crown

Quartz stone
Crystals are perfect for bridal tiaras

This is such a unique style that will make you stand out. All eyes will be on you!

Ivory Silk Flower Tiara

Bridal tiaras are the perfect way to stand out from other brides

This is the perfect accessory for the bohemian bride.

Crystal Crown

Double strand tiara

I love the double-strand detail on this headband.

Flower Crown

A delicate versatile piece that works well with a range of hairstyles from loose up styles to long untamed curls.

Boho Wedding Vine

This gold vine is painstakingly hand wired.

Delicate Leaf Tiara

This is a stunning design. 14k gold plated brass with pearls and crystals.

Luxurious Bridal Crown

Fit for a princess on her wedding day.

Art Deco Hairband

Handmade and one of a kind, this golden headband is the perfect accessory to finish off any look.

Golden Halo

A head turner for sure!

Silver Rhinestone Tiara

A very sweet wedding headband that will add a touch of sparkle on your big day.

Pearl Branch Crown

Swarovski Pearls sit on this lightweight accessory.

White Opal Tiara

The milky details are charming.

Gold Deco Headband

Deco loving brides will feel gorgeous in this piece walking down the aisle.

Delicate Crystal Tiara

Delicate Crystal Tiara

I actually wore a tiara similar to this at my wedding! This is a classic and delicate style.

Princess Fairytale Crown

This headpiece is so ethereal.

Greek Goddess Tiara

This is giving me Greek goddess vibes!

Pearl Halo

Wedding halo

One of a kind, gold color bridal headband.

Classic Crystal Tiara

If you are looking for a classic look, this tiara is for you!

Silver Princess Crown

Inspired by the statement jewelry worn in the golden era of Hollywood.

Bridal Vine

Hair vines are really trendy right now and this is a classic take on one.

Beaded Vine

Beaded vine headpiece

This gold beaded hair vine is romantic.

Edwardian Style Tudor Roses Diamond Tiara

A vintage style fit for a royal ceremony.

Couture Flower Crown

This is for the fashionable bride to be. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Affordable Jeweled Tiara

This is a perfect affordable option for a bride on a budget!

Pearl Wire Crown

Beaded crystal tiara

You are sure to feel like a princess in this crystal one fit for royalty.


Wedding tiaras are an elegant accessory that can add a touch of sophistication to any look. Whether traditional or modern, there is sure to be a tiara out there that will perfectly complete your look on your special day. Hair accessories add the final touch to a bridal look.

So shine bright like the stunning bride you are!

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