7 Best Evil Eye Charms

14K Gold Evil Eye

Are you looking for the perfect accessory to express your own unique style and ward off any negative vibes?

Evil eye charms might be just the thing!

For centuries, cultures around the world have believed that an evil eye can protect against ill wishes and bad luck. The evil eye is an ancient belief that evil forces can be cast upon an individual by a malicious look or stare. As such, many people choose to wear protective charms to ward off the evil eye and its effects. These alluring symbols of protection are becoming increasingly popular. They evil eye symbol is often affiliated with the color blue.

Whether you’re gifting someone special or treating yourself, check out this list of 11 best evil eye charms from around the internet. We hope this article will help you to narrow down some evil eye charms that you will love.

1. Classic 14K Gold Evil Eye

14K Gold Evil Eye

Handmade with US-sourced real gold. This necklace is 14k pure gold so you can wear this one everyday! It’s a classic design and will go with anything.

2. Crystal Evil Eye

Crystal Eye Charm

An 18k gold plate gold necklace is anchored with a stunning evil eye pendant – symbol of intuition – that gleams with blue topaz, stone of wisdom and communication.

3. Evil Eye Coin Charm Pendant

Evil eye coin

A storied symbol of protection, the eye is said to ward off evil by bending it back on the bestower. Expertly handcrafted in recycled 14k solid gold.

4. Tiny Vermeil Evil Eye Charms

Vermeil evil eye charms

This is by far one of the best affordable options out there. If you already have a chain and know some basic jewelry making skills, this is a great choice! Attached bail’s inner measurement is 2mm.


14k purple and enamel tiny eye medallion necklace. Fine 14k ball chain is available in 16″ or 18″ lengths. You can also just purchase the charm which I love.

6. Opal Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Handcrafted with US-sourced real gold and opal. 14k real gold is a perfect choice that doesn’t oxidize, discolor or lose its shine.

7. Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Charm NECKLACE

If you love luxury jewelry, this is the charm necklace for you! This piece is stunning.


The Evil Eye is an age old superstition that predates modern civilization — and yet it continues to influence culture and behavior today. They have been sold throughout history around the world. They are made in a wide variety of materials, styles and colors.

With some careful consideration and an eye open for all the amazing options waiting around every corner shop, you can find an Evil Eye charm that properly reflects who you are. Whether you are looking for something gold or silver, blue or red, the perfect charm is out there for you.

After all, an amulet is only as powerful as the person wearing it. So have good luck in whatever endeavors may come your way! Any piece from this collection will be sure to help in that area. Not only do they look beautiful, but they offer a wonderful spiritual energy in your life.

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