Your Ultimate Tooth Gem Guide: Plus Top 7 Picks

There has been a lot of buzz about tooth gems! I thought that this would be a really fun topic to write about. A tooth gem is a small, shiny adornment, professionally bonded to the tooth’s surface and they have become increasingly popular in recent years.

This comprehensive guide aims to provide answers to common questions about tooth gems, such as their longevity, cost, and safety. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of top-notch tooth gems from leading providers in the market. There are lots of designs and styles to choose from.

Whether you have a special event, like a festival or wedding, or just want to add some sparkle to your smile, this list provides some great tooth gem options. If you love jewels, this trend might just be the perfect one for you to try!

How Long Does a Tooth Gem Last?

Typically, professionally applied tooth gems by dentists can last between six months and a few years. With meticulous care, some can even endure up to five years. The longevity of tooth gems is largely dependent on the quality of the adhesive used and the care taken to maintain them.

Everyday habits, such as dietary choices and oral hygiene practices, can make them last longer. Make sure that you always wait for the bond to successfully dry before eating and brushing, and lastly follow all instructions from your dentist after any procedures.

Tooth Gem Prices: How Much Does a Tooth Gem Cost?

The cost of tooth gems can vary widely based on a number of factors. These include the type of gem (real diamonds versus crystals, for example), the size of the gem, and the professional fees involved in the application process.

Prices typically range from as low as $50 for simpler designs to over $200 for luxury options. Fortunately, there is a diverse range of tooth gems on the market to cater to various styles and budgets. Choose a design that will feel comfortable and make you happy!

The Safety of a Tooth Gem: Are They Okay for Your Teeth?

We can’t stress this enough, always consult a dental professional for safe application. When correctly applied and adequately cared for, tooth gems are generally considered safe for your teeth. They are attached to the surface of the tooth enamel and do not cause structural damage. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to maintain proper oral hygiene and to have the gem professionally removed if you decide to do so. You may want to avoid a kit with glue that you do at home as they may not be safe.

1. Heart Tooth Gems

heart tooth gems

Love that these tooth gems are small but have a unique shape. I love all things with hearts so this is such a fun touch. These are really affordable too!

2. Classic Crystal Tooth Gems

crystal tooth gems

Love this simple and classic style that will match everything and provide just a hint of glimmer when you smile. Love the delicate size of these. These have great reviews!

3. Designer logo tooth gems

If you love designer brands, this brand offer lots of designer logos. Most of them come in yellow gold or white gold. They are a bit more expensive than some of the others on this list.

4. Multi Use Tooth Gems

Tooth gems

The listing states that these are acrylic and can be used on both teeth and nails. So this is a great set if you might want to use them for multiple things. The affordable price is great too!

5. 18K Gilded Tooth Gems

Shapes tooth gems

Now these are sure to get people talking. If you are looking for a unique tooth gem and love geometric shapes, these would be perfect. You can choose the exact shape that you want to purchase. They are gilded with 18K gold.

6. Color Tooth Gems

color tooth gems

These come in three color options. It’s a bit difficult to find color tooth gems so this is a great design option for you if you love a bit of color! They are made of acrylic and come with 10 pieces.

7. Monogram Tooth Gem

Initials are always fun and classic. This brand offers the full alphabet plus so many other options of tooth gems.


Adding a tooth gem is a fun and unique way to express your style with your smile. However, it’s important to always consult with a dental professional before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. Dental jewelry has actually been around for a long time, but this trend has recently resurfaced.

If you are looking for a little bling to show off your personality, this might be worth it to try! The whole process is pretty easy, but should be performed by a professional dentist only with proper bonding materials. Get ready for lots of love and compliments on your new smile! I hope that this article answered some basic questions that you may have. Maybe now is the time to buy your tooth gems and take them with you on your next dental visit!

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